Salty Caramel

$ 9.00

Spoonable’s Just Caramel is a classic, rich, salty caramel. It’s ingredients are simple: caramelized sugar mixed with a 40% heavy cream and a pound of smooth, non-salted European-style butter. Plus some sea salt from the Camargue region of France.

Simple ingredients but the process is delicate. So Spoonable takes it time in creating the absolute best traditional caramel sauce.

Use it on ice cream, on cakes or in cakes or as a dip. Try it as a base to a unique cocktail. Make a vinaigrette with it. Barbecue a fillet mignon with it as a glaze.

Or just spoon it into your mouth!

Available in 4oz, 7.5oz and 1 lb jars.

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